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Backflow Preventers & Expansion Tanks
  • Zurn Wilkins
  • Laars
Brass, Copper & Black Fittings, Nipples & Valves
  • Anvil International
  • Boshart Industries
  • Matco Norca
Boxes: Washing Machine, Ice Maker, Rough-in
  • Sioux Chief
  • Oatey
CSST Gas Pipe & Fittings
  • Gastite
  • Oatey
  • Sioux Chief
  • Watco
Glues, Solvents, Primers, Cleaners & Chemicals
  • CRC
  • Mill-Rose
  • Oatey Hercules
  • Santeen
  • Thrift
  • Malco Tools
  • Selecta Inc.
  • American Standard
  • Delta Faucet
Flexible Rubber Connectors
  • Fernco
Flush Valves
  • American Standard
  • Sloan Valve Co
Hand Tools
  • Klein Tools
  • Milwaukee Tools
  • Reed Manufacturing
  • Ridge Tool Co
  • Anvil International
  • HALEX Co
  • Erico Caddy
  • Sioux Chief
Hydrants, Silcocks, & Yard Hydrants
  • Woodford Manufacturing
Hydronic Controls, Fittings & Specialties
  • Honeywell Home
  • Thermal Tape
  • Spirovent
  • Taco
Garbage Disposals
  • InSinkErator
  • AY McDonald
  • Boshart Industries
  • Hammond Valve Co
  • Matco Norca
  • Sharkbite
Grease Interceptors
  • Canplas
  • Schier
Modular Tubs & Showers
  • A2
P&T Valves
  • Cash Acme
  • Watts
Pex Tubing & Fittings
  • Heatlink
  • Viega
Plumbing Trim & Accessories
  • Oatey
  • Sioux Chief
Power Tools
  • Milwaukee Tools
  • Ridge Tool Co
Push Fittings
  • ProBite
  • Sharkbite
PVC Pipe, A53 Black Pipe & Copper Tubing
  • United Pipe & Steel
PVC Pipe Fittings: DWV, Pressure, Sewer:
  • Genova Products
Rubberized Plugs
  • JC Sunshine Inc.
Sinks: Kitchen, Lavatory
  • American Standard
  • Dayton
  • Elkay
  • Oatey
  • Harris Products Group
Stops, Flexible Supply Braids, & Ballcocks
  • Brasscraft
  • Fluidmaster
Sump Basins
  • Prinsco
Sump Pumps
  • Little Giant
  • Blue Angel
  • American Standard
Toilet Seats
  • Bemis
Tub Drains
  • Sioux Chief
  • Watco
Tubular Products
  • Oatey Dearborn
Water Coolers and Fountains
  • Elkay
Water Heaters: Tank, Tankless
  • Bradford White
  • Eemax
  • Noritz
  • Stiebel Eltron
Water Conditioning & Filtering Systems
  • Boshart
  • Noritz
  • North Star
  • Nuvo H20
Waterworks Brass
  • AY McDonald

Plumbing Done Right

EMC is a full-line plumbing wholesale distributor. We carry copper, PVC, stainless steel and black fittings. We carry brass valves, copper split ring hangers, PVC pipe supports and other things plumbers need. We carry water heaters, and Heatlink Pex. We carry American Standard toilets, Delta faucets and Bemis toilet seats. We have Blue Angel and Little Giant for sump pumps and Prinsco sump basins. We have Hercules Oatey for chemicals and adhesives as well as Thrift drain cleaner. We have North Star, Nuvo H2O and Noritz H2Flow for water conditioning. We have Sloan commercial faucets and flush valves and Taco pumps. We have regular Schedule 40 DWV and Cell Core pipe. EMC—in spite of our name—is a full line plumbing wholesaler serving the Des Moines Metro Area, Creston, IA, and Northwest Central Iowa HWY 169 corridor surrounding Fort Dodge, IA. EMC has branched out to other industries streamlining and integrating to add many years to our strong tradition of serving the trades.

In the Home

Need a hot shower to start or end your day? We carry Bradford White tank type water heaters and are proud to have their new line of tankless water heaters. We also have P&T valves. For lavatory and kitchen faucets and trim we have Delta Faucet and American Standard. For drainage, hangers, trim and accessories, Sioux Chief has a wide range of products to get the job done as well as Anvil International and Erico Caddy. We have everything including kitchen sinks and lavatory sinks from American Standard and Elkay including Dayton. To grind up debris in the kitchen, we have InSinkErator.

Our china line is American Standard known for a good flush. For commercial installations, we have American Standard and Sloan Valve. We carry Brasscraft stops & supply braided connectors for connections that matter. Fluidmaster has the toilet repair specialties to save space on the truck always on the cutting edge to keep toilets filling and flushing well.

Connections that Matter

Fernco has rubber connectors that can join different types of pipe. Genova makes quality PVC fittings for those 90s, 60s, 45s, 22-1/2s for DWV, pressure, and sewer connections. Matco Norca and Boshart have copper, black, brass and stainless fittings; EMC maintains stock to serve the plumber. For Plumbing trim and accessories we carry Oatey and Sioux Chief. Our push fittings are the recognized Sharkbite and the high quality ProBite.

Mill-rose Blue Monster pipe thread and hand wipes are great for getting it done and cleaning up afterword. Oatey Hercules has the solvents, primers, and glues to keep the connections tight. For a limed up old toilet, nothing works better than Santeen’s acid-based cleaner, and Thrift can open up even some of the most stubborn slow drains with hot water.

Professional Tools

For tools professionals can count on, Milwaukee is always coming out with new, labor saving power tools from brushless motors to a battery operated pipe threader that doesn’t kick. They do more than just power tools, accessories and hand tools by infusing their innovative spirit into everything they do. Ridge Tools has the tried and true drain cleaning products, pipe threading dies and other specialties. Klein Tools is making a splash bringing their long tradition of tools that they stand behind into the world of plumbing. Reed still has copper cutters, pipe reamers that last, great dies for pipe threading and vises to hold the pipe steady. . To keep the bugs away, mark with spray paint, and penetrate and loosen stuck bolts, we have CRC. From Selecta Inc, we have fasteners and anchors. EMC is a one stop shop for all of a plumber’s tooling and accessory needs.

Everything Else

Heatlink is our pex line for plumbing or radiant heating systems. Heatlink keeps plumbers price competitive with dependable, high quality products. We also have access to Veiga’s Pex fittings. Taco provides reliable hydronic pumps. We have manifolds, staples, specialties and controls to complete the installations. We have Gate, Ball, and butterfly valves. We have boxes for washing machines, ice makers, and rough-in applications. We have boiler valves. We carry A53 black schedule 40 pipe, nipples and fittings; we carry Gastite CSST pipe and fittings. The Woodford freezeless wall hydrants, silcocks, and yard hydrants keep the water flowing outside. Boilers from Laars, and an array of hydronics, we have waterworks brass from AY McDonald. We have grease interceptors from Canplas and Shier.